<![CDATA[Brandon is Best - News]]>Thu, 31 Dec 2015 21:12:41 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Missing Me]]>Sat, 22 Aug 2015 20:46:41 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/missing-meWow it has been a long time since I did this with Fetcon Clip filming and Having a Life ( unlike you ) still have to make it short as I am off out so here is the news loads of new clips on all My sites C4S Kinkbomb and loads of new gifts on My wishlist which is the priority this week as its My Birthday next month and I want to get all the gifts on there way ASAP as I don't want shipping times to get in the way of all My Gifts so get over there Now ( click link below ) off to film some more Great clips with GG
Gift Certs are always accepted ;)
<![CDATA[Working My socks off]]>Sun, 26 Jul 2015 20:37:57 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/working-my-socks-offThat's right boys I am pushing forward on all My platforms with loads of New Clips Tweets and Instagram pics
I am also spending a lot more time on Niteflirt to get to Know you all a little more personally and boy am I having some fun :),
This is all due to a surge in Lots of New minions finding out that I am One of the Best on here and all My Loyal boys who cant stay away from there addiction to there One and Only !
Lots more stuff on My wishlist from dresses to make up all of which I wear and use in My clips, Keep that addiction going and binge on Lots and Lots of ME
Clips for Sale is where to Start leave the Rest to Me
<![CDATA[last few days]]>Sat, 18 Jul 2015 20:47:09 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/last-few-daysThat's right My kinkbomb coupon will last for another 5 days as its attracting a lot of new minions so click over there soon ( time Is running out ) and type in the word "addictme" when you are checking out and this will give you 30% off the total cost of All the clips you add to your cart so don't miss this final chance to put a Lot of new clips in all those secret files to watch Enjoy and follow for sometime to come.

On other news I am on Niteflirt  now so get ready to click over there to see if you are lucky enough to find Me ready to take and make all those pervy fantasies come true Lots to do little one so Get clicking NOW !
Click to see if My niteflirt lines are On !
<![CDATA[KinkBomb Offer]]>Fri, 10 Jul 2015 20:56:28 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/kinkbomb-offer Thats right boys I am offering a 30% discount on all My Kinkbomb clips for 2 whole weeks as a ThankYOU for making My site get on the Special Featured Listings X X X after you boys brought a crop of clips in June ( feet1 did especially well ;) and I want to make July even Bigger and Better by kicking it off with a coupon code you can use at the checkout Type in
and the discount will be applied ! So now there is even better reason to fill them secret files on your dicktop with
Lots of ME

30% discount code on My Kinkbomb site is addictme use it Now !
<![CDATA[4th on the 5th]]>Sun, 05 Jul 2015 19:49:34 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/4th-on-the-5thWell My 4th of July was a blast and for all My loyal minions who got there "Surprise" Free clip I hope you had a blast too !
subsequently this is going to be brief as I am still carrying on the party on straight through the 5th of July Too ;)
I have been adding all My new batch of clips and commands to the re vamped clips for sale site so on this Lonely Long Holiday weekend click over there now and fill up that spank cart with More of ME !
Click Cart Cum !
<![CDATA[Show and Shine]]>Sun, 28 Jun 2015 21:49:54 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/show-and-shine Massively updated My wishlist with lots of Lipsticks jewellery and summer wear
so all you guys have to do is get over there and start purchasing
these Must Have Items,
Then just sit back and wait for Me to get enough stuff
( either from you or one of My other minions )
to make a little show and shine clip wearing your item either on
My Lips Hands or Body
which I know has already got you drooling and dying to get over to My wishlist
so as usual click the pic below and
Send Me stuff

I Know you Want to Give
<![CDATA[Poorly BUT Back !]]>Sat, 20 Jun 2015 21:00:21 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/poorly-but-back As all of you Know your Goddess has not been feeling to well but am on the mend Now and am catching up with a Big backlog of clip requests and as I Never rush these things, as I want to give your fantasy the G B magical touch to keep you all coming back for more so be patient boys
I will be along soon enough to bend twist and Brainwash you Very soon !

As for updates I have been filling up My C4S site with all new clips but would appreciate if a few more of you sent some tributes to go along with your clip purchases ! So click over now and get back to where you Want to belong
At My Feet

Don't forget to Tribute !
<![CDATA[The Party goes ON !]]>Sun, 24 May 2015 19:45:18 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/the-party-goes-onThat's right the life of a Goddess just keeps getting Better and Better and as those who follow Me regularly on here,
(Twitter  goddessbrandon - Instagram account  goddessb_13 )
will Know I am off On a short but much much Anticipated trip and as part of saying Thank You to all of you who have joined in and purchased a clip recently from My C4S site
all you have to do is Email Me order confirmation
@ Sexxybrandon@gmail.com
and I will send you another clip for Free ! so get to it boys Offer ends June 1st
and keep that little addiction well Fed
I am off to pack all My Bikinis thongs and of course camera so be good little minions keep buying clips sending tributes and Becoming More addicted than ever before ;)

click the pic to get straight to My Twitter account and keep updated With My Wonderful Life !
<![CDATA[Vacation Time]]>Sun, 17 May 2015 20:17:08 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/vacation-timeAfter the wonderful day I had last week I want to send thanks to all those who brought, sent or purchased absolutely anything to make it so Speacial
 I am off for a well deserved Holiday soon don't want to leave My little minions wanting and needing as much of Me as they can possibly get so I am working My little tail off putting Loads and Loads of New Clips and material filmed in HD so you can see just how Beautiful I can be ! so as I am tanning My perfect body getting Even Hotter for what promises to be the best summer Ever
I want you to buy as many clips as your little worm can take

Crawl over to C4S Now minion
<![CDATA[Party of the Year]]>Sat, 02 May 2015 21:15:38 GMThttp://brandonisbest.weebly.com/news/party-of-the-yearYes an easy to read task that even the weakest minded minion can carry out with the Honour of buying Your Adored Goddess a Big small or just practical wedding present Its not Christmas or Birthday its a Very Very Speacial day so if you have only just come under My spell or a Long term Loyal Pet send Me something to join in this Party of the Year !
wont be updating for at least a couple of weeks
but mail Me at
sexxybrandon@gmail.com with any Extra tributes or Gift orders,
Wish Me All the Best with a Gift

Buy your Adored One Lots of Gifts !